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...based in Winter Park, Fl. We offer OUT calls for hypnosis, spa services, massage, wraps, scrubs, couples massage, chair massages, parties and events. Some of my specialties in massage techniques are Light/Deep Touch, Hot Stone, Swedish, muscle vibration / friction / stripping. Other healing techniques /modalities used are Hypnosis, Reiki, Seichim, Seichem, Regressions, Past Life Karma release, Reflexology, Essential Oil Treatments, Emotional Release, Trauma Healing, BioGensis, just to name a few.

A little about Dr. West :::::::.......

....."It is my belief that if you have information about your options, then and only then you will make informed decision in all aspects in your life." Dr. West Kirkley

.....Dr. West has done healing work for over 20 years. First learning the art of hands on healing, while studying ministry and evangelism. He has extensive knowledge of demonology, and has done exorcism of attached entities. Dr. West has been ordained twice, both in the non-denomination faiths. Dr. West holds a Ph.D. in clinical hypnosis, a double-masters in Reiki, a double-masters in Seichem (energy medicine- healing modalities), Arcing Light, teaches Metaphysics, hypnosis, healing energetic medicine, with Guided Imagery. He has used these techniques to assist patients of Cancer, HIV, Aids, and other life threatening diseases.

.....His straight forward to the point often blunt unusual approach, which uses reframing techniques and some of the latest Massage and NLP Techniques, assist the client in getting to the root area of the emotional cause of their dis-comfort / dis-ease, phobias, or undesired personality characteristic's. Working with the client on a conscious and sub-conscious level while manipulating the muscle and tissues brings results faster and promotes healing.

......Utilizing the different modalities he has learned over the years, Dr. West's technique helps the client see out of the box. Once the client has stepped beyond the boundaries of the box, their vision allows them insight into the areas closed and previously blocked and gives them the ability to make informed decisions.

What to expect! :::::::.......

.....Dr. West is a down to earth type of guy. He prides himself in being able to build a rapport with almost anyone. After establishing a rapport, Dr. West will listen to your concerns, fears, phobias, or desires, then Dr. West will tell you his professional opinion and share some of his thoughts concerning that which is discussed.

......He will explain what type of packages would be required to guarantee the results that you are looking for. Dr. West uses a measurable approach to massage and healing. A Client should see results with in 6 sessions, a measurable result would be increased ROM (range of motion), decrease in pain while exercising, walking, sitting, ect.

......One thing that is a requirement in all of his sessions is that the client MUST BE WILLING TO DO THE HOMEWORK ASSIGNED. Dr. West believes that a client has to participate in his or her own recovery or change.